is a font foundry from Vienna, Austria.
All about fonts
Founded in 2014, Schriftlabor is Austria’s largest font foundry today, with offices in Vienna, Porto, and soon also in Jakarta. Schriftlabor frequently collaborates with other foundries and designers, and offers a wide range of type-related services. Read on.
Custom fonts
In collaboration with other studios or by itself, Schriftlabor has designed, engineered and produced custom and corporate typefaces for clients all across the globe. Ask us for a quote and find out if a custom font is something for your business, too.
Retail fonts
Buy a license for any font out of our library at our retailers. All our retail fonts support a wide range of languages and contain advanced OpenType features. Our standard licenses include OpenType fonts for print, OEM, app embedding, and WOFF & WOFF2 for the web. Ask us about volume licensing, additional formats and customisations.
Digital punchcutting
Started a typeface and want to release it? No matter at which stage you got stuck, be it just a sketch or that 99% finished design catching dust in your drawer: get your fonts out the door with Schriftlabor’s industry-leading font engineering. Ask us about design services, mastering services, automation services, and about consulting options.
Release with Schriftlabor
Interested in releasing your type design with Schriftlabor? Get in touch and show us what you’ve got so far. If we strike a deal, we take care of engineering, marketing and sales. Ask us about conditions and for a sample contract.
Meet the team
Every good foundry has a fantastic team. Say hello, we are happy to hear from you!
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