Schriftlabor at Dynamic Font Day

Say hello to the Schriftlabor team at Dynamic Font Day 2016, on Saturday 26 November in Munich!

At this year’s Dynamic Font Day, taking place on 26 November in Munich, the Schriftlabor team will be on the premises. Type director Lisa Schultz and founder Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer will give a presentation about OpenType features, titled ‘Yes, But Can OpenType Features Do This?’. Among other things, the presentation will show some of the OpenType features we put into the Sephora typefaces.


We are also happy to announce our sponsorship of Dynamic Font Day. Together with Munich-based foundries Lazy Dogs and Just Another Foundry, as well as font editor Glyphs, Schriftlabor is sponsoring the t-shirt and the goodie bag. Among the goodies, you will find a Schriftlabor-branded red pen, so you can put your corrections on type yourself, just like we did in our logo.


The t-shirt and bag will sport a print showing nine commas taken from typefaces by the three foundries. The back print of the shirt reveals which commas are whose. The design is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the amount of detail type designers put into even an inconspicuously simple punctuation symbol such as the comma.

Register today, and see you in Munich!