New fonts, new website: Schriftlabor has just entered the retail market with four great font families. Try all fonts for free, and choose between purchasing individual styles, the Office Package of four fonts (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic), and the respective Complete Package containing all fonts of the family. Profit from the introductory Schriftlabor Summer Sale: All fonts are available at 20% off until 8 September.

Attorney: An Outstanding Semiserif with a Clean Record

Attorney is a new type design by legendary Austrian type designer Viktor Solt-Bittner, best known for his script typefaces Voluta, Johann Sparkling, and Leander Script Pro. Solt-Bittner’s first sketches were originally intended as corporate design for a Viennese law firm, but soon spun off into a typeface in its own right. With the help of Schriftlabor type director Lisa Schultz, the family of 14 fonts was produced. Attorney is Solt-Bittner’s first release in five years, and Schriftlabor is very proud to have him on board.

Purchase individual Attorney styles for EUR 39 each, the Office Package of four styles for EUR 99, or the Complete Package of 14 fonts for EUR 239. Introductory Summer Sale: 20% off until 8 September 2017.

Galata: World’s First Game Font with Artificial Intelligence

Galata is an experimental font family with built-in games: Tic Tac Toe, Rock Paper Scissors, and Marienbad/Nim. If you turn on Stylistic Set 1 in an OpenType-aware application such as Word, TextEdit or InDesign (World Ready Composer), you can actually play against the font. But since the built-in Contextual Alternates feature always knows which is the best move, you will have a hard time winning against this unbeatable font. Since Galata was conceived at ISType 2013, during the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, there are two political messages built into the OpenType features of the font: Try typing the words Gezi and Erdogan, and see what happens.

Purchase the Complete Galata Package of four styles for EUR 39. Introductory Summer Sale: 20% off until 8 September 2017.

Lawabo: A Rounded Sans with Smallcaps and Small Caps

Lawabo is a rounded sans originally designed by Schriftlabor founder Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer in the early noughties, made its first appearances as title lettering of a webcomic, and has lived its life in the drawer of unfinished type projects ever since. That is, until Schriftlabor designer Miriam Surányi added the beautiful Italics and completed the family of 12 fonts. The simplified shapes and rounded edges are reminiscent of bath ceramics like sinks, hence the name: lavabo is the word for sink in many Romanic languages. Its low cap height not only make all-cap text setting a snap, it also ensures good legibility of words like ‘Illusion’ and ‘Illustration’, which are difficult to decipher in many sans-serif designs. Lawabo also features real smallcaps, making it a type design ‘with smallcaps and small caps’.

Purchase individual Lawabo styles for EUR 39 each, the Office Package of four styles for EUR 99, or the Complete Package of 12 fonts for EUR 239. Introductory Summer Sale: 20% off until 8 September 2017.

Traction: A Sturdy Organic Text Typeface with Grip and Attitude

Traction goes back to an original design by Swiss astronomer Christian Thalmann, who is best known for his typefaces Octant, Quinoa and the open source Cormorant. Its powerful serifs make Traction a grippy and robust text typeface. Enlarged, the organic letters are reminiscent of the profiles of off-road tyres and hiking boots. But in text sizes, it is the humanistic forms that set the tone and ensure fluid legibility. Schriftlabor designers Chiara Mattersdorfer and Miriam Surányi polished, extended and produced this family of 18 fonts including smallcaps, all possible figure styles and many more typographic goodies.

Purchase individual Traction styles for EUR 39 each, the Office Package of four styles for EUR 99, or the Complete Package of 18 fonts for EUR 299. Introductory Summer Sale: 20% off until 8 September 2017.

Free Trials, Minispecimens and the German Cap Sharp S

Download and print a minispecimen PDF for each family from the respective typeface subpage, or simply test the fonts right in your browser. Lawabo, Attorney and Traction contain an online type tester. More testing necessary? Download free trials of all fonts in the new webstore, and you will automatically be notified of updates. The trials are fully functional and marked with the word TRIAL in the font menu.

By the way, all fonts also sport the latest addition to the Latin alphabet, the cap German sharp S. To facilitate access to the new letter, type the lowercase ß between uppercase letters, and an OpenType feature will automatically turn it into its uppercase shape.

Have fun with four new font families in the typographic universe, or 48 fonts in total!